Joanie Krug

Joanie Krug



I have had a rich and diverse background as a special educator, including roles as administrator, consultant, facilitator, diagnostician, teacher, mentor and advocate for children, families, educational staff and administrators.  My experience has encompassed work with students with emotional and behavioral challenges, developmental disabilities including Autism Spectrum Disorder and learning Disabilities.   I have worked closely with special education staff, general education teachers and building and district administrators to design effective and integrative programs to support student learning.


My interest in a role as advocate and behavior consultant evolves from my commitment to supporting students with learning challenges through effective educational opportunities and supporting the programs designed to address these students from a creative and empowering position with dignity and equity.



Over the past thirty years, my professional experiences have invited me to interface with many challenging scenarios in the attempt to insure positive learning opportunities for both students and staff.  In my position as a Special Education Facilitator in the Beaverton School District,as well as Autism Consultant with Columbia Regional Programs, I addressed legal requirements, compliance issues and best practice in special education as well as providing technical assistance to general and special educators working with differentiated curriculum and positive behavioral supports for students in kindergarten through transition age.  


Non adversarial

I believe that my skill base can serve a wide range of learner profiles. My training in Restorative Justice in the schools as well as community based mediation training and work provides me with a deep foundation in dealing with the complexities of school life and the interactions among all members of the school community.


As your child’s special education advocate and /or behavior consultant, I am committed to providing the necessary support and guidance to insure their access and individual success.  Here are some examples of ways that I may be able to support you

IEP meeting preparation and attendance

  1. Drafting written communication to the school staff (i.e. request for evaluation)

  2. Interpretation of evaluation reports

  3. Co-observing your child at school, or a potential new program

  4. IEP Goal Progress Monitoring

  5. Drafting a Positive Behavior Support Plan

And even more specifically:

  • Understand rights and responsibilities under the federal IDEA 2004 law

  • Provide information and training on special education services and Individualized Education Plans (IEP) and Individualized Family Service Plans (IFSP)

  • Facilitate conflicts and disputes with schools and special education services

  • Understand the difference between the 504 plan and the IEP

  • How to write measurable (quantitative) IEP goals

  • How to request and understand assessments

  • How to communicate with your child's IEP/IFSP team and teachers

  • What is a functional behavior assessment (FBA) ad Behavior Support and howthey are used


  • Offer guidance and training to meet specific academic and social needs related to CHALLENGES : Behavioral and Emotional , Autism Spectrum Disorder, Executive Functioning, Learning


  • Home based behavioral support



Initial Consultation

The initial brief 15 minute session will allow me to get to know you and your child and better understand your concerns.  The session will conclude with recommendations in how to best move forward in advocating for your child’s needs, and a proposal of how I may be able to partner with you in this journey.



Retainer Fee

Depending upon the scope of each individual case, an appropriate retainer fee will be determined to facilitate ease of billing/payment.


On going Consultation



Initial IEP meeting attendance 1-2 hr



All other ELIGIBILITY/IEP and school meeting attendance



Contact info

I want to know your needs and how I can be of service. If you have any inquiries, please leave me a message below with your name and contact information.


If you want to reach me directly:


Cell: (503) 705-5669


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